Health Quality Partners (HQP) is a research and development non-profit committed to advancing healthcare protocols and systems for vulnerable populations. After more than a decade of very successful results with the elderly, their goal was to launch their unique care model as a stand-alone product. I was asked by their business consultant, TKE Marketing, to take on their brand development. Starting from the ground up, I created their brand brief and core messages, as well as their name and tagline. The logo was inspired by the image of light, at the end of the tunnel, that can clear the way, or that translates to enlightened care. The communication materials include a stationery system, PowerPoint presentations, collateral, and their website, developed with Alex Motzenbecker.

Stationery system
Brand toolkit
PowerPoint presentation landing pages
BearingPoint, a management and technology consulting firm, had just introduced their new brand identity when I came on board. The new brand had been applied to some of their print collateral and only sporadically to other communications, creating a scattershot corporate image. My task was to implement the new brand into their full range of communications. After making an in-depth analysis of the brand, I proceeded to design integrated cross-platform communications that exemplified both its look and its spirit. These encompassed interactive presentations, exhibit graphics, posters, and invitations as well as numerous miscellaneous graphics. As a result, the brand is now unified and consistent throughout all corporate and marketing communications. Moreover, I was then asked to retrofit the print collateral and created both new typography and templates for these pieces, as well as designers’ guidelines.
Promotional posters
Healthcare marketing presentation
Exhibit banners
Event collateral
The Athlete Health Organization (AHO) is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization which provides free, comprehensive health screenings and educational information to student athletes in underserved areas, enabling them to participate in sports and preparing them for a healthy life. When they embarked on a new fundraising initiative, they asked me to redesign their identity and website. The identity needed to evoke not only the medical mandate of AHO, but also athletic exuberance and their population based aspirations, with a potential national reach. I used a typeface reminiscent of varsity letters and customized the letterforms with their related symbols.
Volunteers (Photography by Rich Walker)

Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia provides comprehensive health and wellness services in an LGBT-focused environment. Mazzoni is a family practice committed to serving all members of the Philadelphia community, regardless of age, background, or insurance status. They asked me to design their 2010 annual report but they needed a piece that could serve not only as a year-end report but also as a marketing tool. I proposed a strategy that would use clients’ personal stories to elucidate not only the scope of services available, but also the conscientious manner in which they are delivered. Clients readily stepped forward, provided quotable endorsements, and happily agreed to have themselves photographed. The design balances black and white photography with a two-color palette of the organization’s signature purple and a complementary green. The naturalistic portraits are scaled to invite an intimate connection with the reader. Real people, real stories, real care.

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia is a nonprofit network of local triple bottom line business and social entrepreneurs committed to building a just, green, and thriving local economy. The primary goal of rebranding SBN was to enhance its professional profile, underscoring that it is now a mature organization. In recent years, SBN has grown into a powerful business-oriented organization with political clout and an increasingly central role in sustainability advocacy. However, it was imperative to avoid a look that could be interpreted as too corporate. The new logo features an arc of abstract leaves that suggests growth as it fans open from left to right. This arc is supported by the extended ascender of the letter b in the abbreviation below. The composition of the leaves is dynamic, exuberant, and even playful. It expresses SBN’s vitality, optimism, and commitment to sustainability. The typography is simpler, acting as a support for the leaves and evoking the business side of SBN. Thus, the new logo expresses the right balance of sustainability values and business expertise, achieving the goal that set the design process in motion, and creating a fresh look for an organization that is on the rise.
Stationery system
Member directory
Brand guidelines
When I was with Alexander Design Associates, one of my projects was managing Eaton Corporation's brand standards update. Although the logo remained unchanged, both its application, as well as Eaton's brand voice in general, underwent a comprehensive retooling across all channels of internal and external communications. These human resources brochure covers demonstrate the template's compositional flexibility as well as its ability to portray a wide demographic.
Human resources brochures
Business First Technologies is a web development and optimization services company based in Australia. I designed their logo using a simple grid to embed the company message of business and the number one. I also refreshed their tagline.
Stationery system
One of my projects with Alexander Design Associates was the management and design of interactive presentations for the Otis Elevator Company. These presentations were used by their sales force to introduce clients to new products, such as Elevonic elevators for high-rise buildings, and to existing services, such as their 24 hour monitoring service and their maintenance packages. I helped to create and coordinate all the assets, including animations, music composition, original photography and programming.
Elevonic high-rise elevators
REM, 24 hour monitoring system
Otis maintenance
Sparkplug Learning is an educational technology startup with which I have been involved for the past several years.  We are committed to building exceptional science learning tools geared toward elementary-aged children. We are developing inquiry-based digital science labs designed for integrated learning, harnessing 21st century technologies, and utilizing proven pedagogical techniques. We currently have prototypes under development, and we are seeking funding to complete this phase. I have been acting as the creative director and have developed the brand, as well as the overall design of the labs themselves.
Stationery system
Holiday card
I have been designing collateral for Sellers Dorsey for the past few years. Sellers Dorsey is a Philadelphia-based healthcare consulting firm. When they unveiled their new identity in 2012, designed by FleishmanHillard, I was brought on to develop the new brand and apply the look and feel to their growing suite of communications.
Corporate capabilities brochure
Publication template
Pocket folder
Strategic Medical Initiatives is a medical communications consultancy, providing strategic development and planning as well as tactical program implementation for healthcare providers. Their logo is based on the interlocking systems of communications, strategy and implementation offered to their clients. The systems process is shown as a series of steps on the back of the business card.
Stationery system
I was responsible for many interactive presentations while working at Alexander Design Associates. Billy Sullivan Photographs is an interactive archive of the painter's hundreds of photographs documenting the downtown New York art scene, during a period of time stretching from Andy Warhol's Factory to the late 80s. The presentation for WTechnologies was used to launch its line of wireless applications. I functioned primarily as the project manager, contributing to the creation and coordination of all the assets, including music compositions, copywriting and voiceover recordings.
Billy Sullivan Photographs
WTechnologies Launch
I was an art director at Macmillan McGraw-Hill in their Science Education Group from 2003–2007. I was responsible for the creative direction and design management of a number of their products, in particular the teachers edition for the series, Science, A Closer Look. I directed all job phases from concept to final product and managed a design budget of $700,000. I also served as a liaison to the publisher and the executive management, ensuring that the efforts of the creative team were in alignment with the program's wider educational, marketing and sales objectives. I supervised direct reports and mentored our team of seventeen designers, helping them become independent problem-solvers.
Science, A Closer Look textbook pages
Science, A Closer Look textbook pages
While at Alexander Design Associates, I managed the design and production of annual reports for Lord Abbett and Co., an investment firm with a portfolio of approximately twenty mutual funds. I was the primary client liaison and coordinated production of assets with photographers, typesetters and copy editors.
Annual report covers
Annual report interior pages
I designed these logos for Philadelphia area organizations, and they were not part of a bigger communications program.
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Athlete Health Organization

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Athlete Health Organization (AHO), a Philadelphia not for profit, I secured Rita to assist with rebranding our organization and subsequently to redesign our website. I was pleased to discover that she is passionate about providing organizations with the best communication tools possible.  Our new identity speaks perfectly to our mission and our new website is innovative, vibrant and efficient. Moreover, it has been driving our donor and volunteer response to our highest numbers yet. Rita did this work largely on a pro bono basis. She is generous and responsive, continuing to fulfill our ongoing requests with dispatch.

BJ Zellers
President, Activation Sports Marketing


Health Quality Partners (HQP) is thrilled to be launching our new product, Spero™, with a brand developed by Rita Myers Graphic Design. HQP’s care system and technology platform is the result of more than a decade of research and development that has demonstrated improvements in health outcomes for the chronically ill older adult population. Rita came on board as we embarked on bringing this system to market. Through her disciplined approach, strategic intelligence, and creative talents, Rita led us through the process of positioning, naming and messaging this system, giving birth to Spero™. She is equally adept at both the verbal as well as visual aspects of brand creation and so delivered not only our beautiful logo but also our name, tagline and core messages. The entire package included a stationery system, collateral and website. These assets are far beyond what we ever imagined and we are so proud to be represented by them. Whatever your project may be, rest assured that Rita will exceed your expectations and be an invaluable partner to you.

Sherry A. Marcantonio
Senior Vice President at Health Quality Partners

Mazzoni Center

Rita Myers designed my agency’s (Mazzoni Center) 2010 annual report. Our challenge for her was to create a piece that could serve not only as a year-end report but also as an effective marketing tool. Rita surely delivered. She came up with a concept that fits beautifully with our vision and goals. She immediately understood where we are as an organization and created a design and messaging strategy that perfectly represents us. Rita is not only a talented designer, but also a great strategic partner. We couldn’t be happier and we will definitely be calling on her again.

R Perry Monastero
Director of Development and Marketing at Mazzoni Center


I have been working in graphic design and branding for 25 years, and I can say that Rita is invaluable as a design team member, from both director/leader and tactical points of view. She is highly educated in design and a seasoned pro who brings insight and perspective to every project she takes on.

When Rita joined the BearingPoint creative team, she undertook an in-depth analysis of our new brand and proceeded to design a wide range of communications that exemplified both its look and its spirit. Ranging from the very large to the very small, these encompassed exhibit graphics, posters, and invitations as well as numerous miscellaneous graphics.

Rita is smart, creative, and kind; a perfect balance of the kind of creative pro anyone would love to have on their team.

Sylvia de Martino
Creative Director

Macmillan McGraw-Hill

Rita is an incredible asset to any project or job. She is thoughtful, insightful, analytical, and one of the more visually creative talents around. She can oversee all aspects of any job so you never have a worry. She is a great visual problem-solver because she listens, understands the problem and how it fits into the larger picture. Consequently she always finds new, fresh, and arresting design solutions for all design markets. She is a creative asset that you not only want, but need to have on your project.

Jennie Nichols
Creative Director

Alexander Design Associates

Rita Myers is the best design manager I have ever worked with — the
consummate professional. Rita blends a strong print and digital design sense with superb organizational skills. Clients and colleagues trust her to get projects done well, on time, and on budget; they rely on her steady, straight-shooting style; and they love her irrepressible good nature. She is as good as they get. Solid gold.

Dean Alexander
Rita Myers

Rita Myers has over 30 years of experience in the graphic design field, creating exceptional business communications and top tier graphic solutions for a wide range of industries, including the financial, healthcare, educational, cultural, and technology sectors. Her clients range from non-profits and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Combining big picture strategic thinking with meticulous attention to detail, she has proven success in creating print, exhibit, and interactive designs that achieve clients’ business goals, add value to their messages, and build future potential into their brand. She is a business-savvy and production-savvy designer who pursues every project with a unique combination of outstanding conceptual, managerial, and communication skills and she does so with great enthusiasm, generosity, and good will.


Rita brings a multi-faceted background as a visual artist and college educator to her design practice. Before turning her attention to graphic design, she was an award-winning visual artist and teacher. Her large-scale video installations have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the Cincinnati Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and internationally in Amsterdam, São Paulo, Köln, and Berlin, among others. From 1975 to 2005, Rita taught at various institutions, including The Cooper Union School of Art, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Hartford Art School, and Douglass College at Rutgers University. Among her many awards are the Douglass Society for Distinguished Achievement from her alma mater; numerous awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Jerome Foundation.

In 1995 she joined Alexander Design Associates, Inc. in New York City as a Design Manager, where she directed all job phases of print and interactive communications, from concept through final product, for clients such as Otis Elevator, the Eaton Corporation, and Lord Abbett Inc. In 2003, she became Executive Design Manager and Art Director at Macmillan McGraw-Hill in New York City. She was responsible for the creative direction and design management of a series of elementary educational products. The series, Science, A Closer Look, won First Place for Elementary Series, School Publishing, at the 21st Annual New York Book Show in 2007. In 2007, she started her own independent business in Philadelphia, which is dedicated to helping businesses attain an outstanding presence in a crowded marketplace. She has developed new brands for Health Quality Partners, Athlete Health Organization, Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and Sparkplug Learning.

She is a founding member of GO!, Philly Women Give to Others, a giving circle organized by six Philadelphia area professional women, whose mission is to provide help for women and children in need, with a special emphasis on the LBT and youth community. Since its inception in 2012, GO! has raised and donated just over $8,000 in goods and services to local organizations in support of LBT women and children.

Rita is a member of Philadelphia’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the Independence Business Alliance, and she has served on the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts Advisory Panel. She also serves on the Board of Governors of the Mt. Airy Learning Tree. She lives in the wonderfully diverse neighborhood of Mt. Airy with her wife Bonnie Strahs and their two cats, Pierre and Gigi.

Philadelphia, PA

Telephone: 215 843 6396

Mobile: 215 990 4070


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